I visited a friend of mine who was doing some amazing things with IoT, some of which was on my roadmap already and I had lots of the pieces already. I received a PiCluster as a gift a while back and after the initial build I got to the point where most people go “great, now what do I do with this?” If that was you, here are a few ideas, from the basic cluster all the way to integrated IoT. If there is a good response I’ll go further to the Machine Learning side too.

Configuring the network
Firstly we…

How to debug networking policies on GKE clusters.

I was doing some training and was asked if the pod security policy affects the efficacy of the liveness probes. My kneejerk reaction was no, but we had some time so we broke down the pieces and tested it out. There is a bit around Kubernetes that is not fully explained so I want to write about the process not because my kneejerk answer was right but because sometimes to understand things it is useful to take things apart (to Mom: sorry about the clock radio). I’d also like to thank Hiten…

I was building a pipeline partially for interest and partially for a solid demo into streaming data pipelines. Having a poke around the pipeline and forcing it to behave in certain ways ended up giving me a great deal of insight into one of the most powerful pieces of plumbing in GCP: Dataflow.


I needed a good, interesting data source. Proximity to a nice big airport meant that I could use a stable, frequent source of user generated data: aircraft transponders. Every aircraft flying in controlled airspace should have a transponder on that at least identifies the aircraft, sometimes with…

Where my students are (or said) they’re from this week

I have written a small app to demonstrate integration between Google Sheets and AppEngine, essentially using a sheet as a database for the app. It is not the fastest or best way but it demonstrates the split between user and server space quite nicely. I decided recently to make it a little more interactive and attached a form to it and allowed people to let me know where they’re from. The problem with that is I had assumed people would put in ‘country’ when asked for the country. They didn’t. Many people are very proud of their cites, so I…

Paul Leroy

Senior Google Cloud Trainer

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